Office of Language Assessment

Research and Development

Research Projects

Language test scores are used to make important decisions about people in many different contexts, and consequently the tests that evaluate language users’ abilities need to be evaluated themselves (Chapelle & Voss, 2013). There is a need to conduct empirical research to evaluate the tests so that test users feel confident that the scores are valid for their intended purposes.

Office of Language Assessment (OLA) employs the contemporary approaches to validation to evaluate the interpretations of test scores for proposed uses of the following tests it administers:

1. Academic Reading Comprehension Assessment (ARCATM)

2. Academic English Proficiency Assessment (AEPATM)

Research Team

  • Dr. Jason Merchant | Humanities Division, Linguistics –Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Catherine C. Baumann | Humanities Division, Chicago Language Center
  • Dr. James McCormick | Humanities Division, Summer Language Institute
  • Ahmet Dursun | Humanities Division, Office of Language Assessment
  • Nicholas Swinehart | Humanities Division, Chicago Language Center