What the results mean: Passing the exam means that you have the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills expected after one year of language study at UChicago.

Timeline: While the timeline can vary, we do our best to finalize the results of the Competency Exam by the end of the Winter Quarter. If you are worried about passing the exam, we recommend that you sign up for a language class for Spring Quarter just in case you need to take one. This is another good reason to take the exam earlier on in your time at the university. You will receive your results at your official UChicago email address.

Passing the exam: A passing score on this exam is 65% or higher in each of the four skills, not a composite score score of these.

Failing the exam: Students who receive less than 65% on one or more of the four skills have failed the exam. They should speak with their adviser about other options for fulfilling the language requirement, rather than taking the exam again. We recommend that they fulfill the language requirement through coursework. We do not recommend retaking the exam without additional coursework, and do not offer retakes.

Results reporting: Your exam results are reported to the registrar only if you pass the exam. The registrar will note on your transcript that you have fulfilled the language competency requirement; the language in which you took the exam does not appear and is not reported.