Office of Language Assessment

The LPII is a three step process:

  1. Language Assessment Workshop
  2. Test Development
  3. Curriculum Development

Each of these steps are opt-in, but they must be completed in sequence: you must attend a Language Assessment Workshop before (re)designing assessments; a redesigned assessment must be completed before applying for a course development summer grant. If you have attended a Language Assessment Workshop in previous years, you do not need to re-attend this year (though you are free to do so).

Application Procedures

For Language Assessment Workshop

Language Assessment Workshops are typically held around November. Information about the next LAW will be announced in Autumn 2020.

For Test Development Grants

Applicants submit an application form and statement of purpose, along with a proposal for the test they plan to design and develop.  They must attend an assessment workshop and have identified outcomes across the four skills when they apply.  The application form must be signed by the language coordinator (where applicable) and department chair.  More detailed information will be released following the Language Assessment Workshop. When in doubt, contact

For Curriculum Development Grants

Applicants submit an application form and statement of purpose.  They must describe in detail how the course and course materials they plan to design and develop fit into the overall curriculum.  All curricular revisions must adhere to reverse design models: outcomes must be identified and defined, both formative and summative assessments must be in place.  They may also wish to design new formative assessments as part of their grant. The application form must be signed by the language coordinator (where applicable) and department chair.

Timeline – 2019/2020

  • November 1-2, 2019: Language Assessment Workshops
    • Required for all new LPII participants; optional for returning participants
  • November 11: Information Session, 2:00-3:00pm in Cobb 201AB
  • November 21, 2019: Applications due for Test Design & Development, Domain Analysis, and Online Language Course Development
  • December 11-14, 2019: Test Design Workshop
    • Required for everyone designing a test in the 2019/2020 cycle.
  • December 20, 2019: Test Design due
  • By January 31, 2020: Test Design feedback sent by OLA staff
  • February 10, 2020: Implement feedback and submit finalized Test Design (if necessary)
  • By February 17, 2020: Test Design re-submissions reviewed and finalized by OLA staff, Test Development materials and instructions sent out
  • March 13, 2020: Test Development due
    • If you still have not submitted your Test Development due to the transition to remote teaching, please submit these no later than April 29.
  • Early May, 2020: OLA staff will review Test Developments, send feedback.
  • June 1, 2020: Rubric submission due

Curriculum Development – Summer 2020

  • May 18, 2020: Applications sent out
  • June 5: Application deadline
    • Note: at least one member of the curriculum development team must have gone through Test Development, and there must be an LPII test in place for the given language and level
  • June 29 & 30: Curriculum Design Workshop
  • July 6: Curriculum Design due
  • September 1, 2020: Final submission of all completed materials
    • Final presentations to CLC staff to occur in the following 10 days

 NOTE: All materials produced under the Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative will become the exclusive property of the University of Chicago, and the University has sole discretion in approving and implementing the materials and curricula developed under the Initiative.